The Full Story Of Creating My First E-Book In Four Days (Effortless Republishing)

Oscar Lagrosen
9 min readApr 16, 2022

At 4:55 AM, Sunday, April 10, I noticed that the asynchronous mini-course Zero-To-$1 was released after a week of anticipation.

It was the newest installment of Captain’s Table, the advanced course after Ship30for30 (which I highly recommend). The outstanding writers and entrepreneurs Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole had created a step-by-step roadmap for creating digital products.

It consisted of six modules:

  1. Become Known For A Niche You Own, where you learn the basics of Category Design and can specify your niche, point of view, and online biography.
  2. The Beginner Content Strategy Barbell, where you use alternation between curating others’ content (reach) and creating your own (resonance) to grow on any platform rapidly
  3. Build Your Superniche Product, where you receive a helpful template on how to package your digital product, with some specifications regarding the intended audience
  4. Design Your Superniche Product, where you get inspiration from good cover designs
  5. Launch Your Superniche Product, where you learn to use Gumroad to sell without friction
  6. Make Your First $1 Online, a short module for celebration

The big promise was the following: go through all of these modules sequentially, and you will earn your very first dollar on the internet.

So I did

I immediately realized the immense opportunity

Ever since I started writing back in October, I had always intended to make this a full-time career, using writing and original thinking as the foundation.

So when I checked it out, I decided to go all-in + write a daily essay and thread. No holds bar. I was eager to become the first, become the proof of concept that it worked, and demonstrate some hyperproductivity too.

To make it official, with more accountability down the line, I wrote the following tweet, which became popular:

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