The Fastest Way To Trigger Aha-moments, Epiphanies, And “Red-Pill Effects”

Oscar Lagrosen
3 min readJun 13, 2022

Imagine the last time everything suddenly clicked for you

Most probably, it was a moment when something you have grappled with for months suddenly became clear. You have worked with a particular problem but realized the new perspective while showering. In any case, this euphoric eureka experience is highly pleasurable, making life very meaningful.

I call this phenomenon a red-pill effect when you suddenly see everything in a new light and perspective (like Matrix).

Although they might seem random at first, I have found a way to trigger these experiences somewhat consistently. Here are the necessary ingredients:

Consume high-quality but contradictory information in various domains of knowledge

We all know that reading is highly beneficial for success, but what you read matters.

To get the best effect, you want to consume the most information-rich content out there. Seek knowledge for its own sake, not necessarily to fulfill a certain job position. You want to consume high-quality books, articles, and podcasts that oppose each other and even go against your worldviews.

Why? Because every side has a valuable contribution. When you can grasp the nuances of each state of affairs, your expertise runs very deep. Since you know the topic from multiple angles, you can get a unique perspective and differentiate yourself in your work.

In addition, consume lots of information from various domains. Self-mastery, economics, business, medicine, physics, biology, mathematics, music, etc. By incorporating various concepts into new domains you get innovation. The most innovative and impactful people in the world tackled a problem as an outsider in the field, coming with adjacent knowledge.

Understand, not memorize

To make it even more clear, you need to understand the information. In other words, go down to the first principles and build your knowledge tree from there. Once you deeply understand a certain phenomenon and can explain it extremely simply to people, you will not forget it.



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