The Benefits Of Using Multiple Note-Taking Apps Every Day

Oscar Lagrosen
2 min readSep 22, 2022


Why use only one note-taking app when you can use several?

There are two major benefits for doing so.

1. It is much easier to switch between apps on the phone, than navigating within the app itself

It only takes 2 clicks to alternate between apps.

In comparison, switching between different notes on the same app can be a tedious task. Not only do you have to click on exactly the right spot across all the buttons. The clicks themselves can be quite counterintuitive and sometimes buggy.

2. By using multiple notetaking apps, you get the best features from all of them

Let me illustrate with a personal example:

As of this writing, I use as my main library of notes. However, I also use Google Tasks for groceries, article outlines and even video outlines. I also use Apple Notes for writing down my thoughts for the day, while Mem is dedicated to editing specific notes.

The reason for using all three is simple. Google Tasks has an amazingly simple interface for managing groceries, article ideas and other checklists/queues. Apple Notes has the simplest and reliable interface I’ve ever seen from a note-taking app.

So by combining all three note-taking apps, I get a fantastic storage, advanced search, excellent checklists and reliable interface. All the qualities I desire.

What it means for you

If you are stuck choosing between two or three note-taking apps, consider using all of them.

It’s easy on the phone since the apps are in close proximity to each other. You can also assign the work that each app is the best of.

This is how you can create your ultimate note-taking system today.



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