My Ultra-Simple PKM-System (2023)

That helps me to make a new video by myself every single day

Oscar Lagrosen
7 min readJan 22


This article is a transcript from one of my Youtube-videos. To watch the YouTube version (which comes out roughly a week later after this article is published), you can click here.

Welcome back, so happy to see you again over two months ago, I made a video about my ultra-simple PKM system I use to turn information into videos like these super fast.

But things have changed drastically since then. I’m using different apps, tripled my output from twice a week to every single day, and have learned many lessons because of that.

So in today’s article, I want to share with you my updated PKM version that is applicable to everyone who wants to make things happen, not just move text. If you are also interested in personal knowledge management, I think you will find great value in this.

How I gather information

As a quick definition of PKM, it is a system that helps you transform inputs (everything you consume and learn) into outputs (action and results) faster. Since the definition of intelligence is the same, we can say that having a working PKM-system literally makes you more intelligent. Pretty cool right?

In terms of inputs, I separate them into two groups: others’ observations and my own observations. For the first group, I’m a big fan of YouTube. I subscribe to the channels that give me the best return on attention and then I simply consume their new videos when I am moving around or eating. For me, podcast episodes fall into the same bucket as videos since I am listening to all of them anyway.

Sometimes, I also listen to an audiobook or even take a course on Skillshare if that is necessary. I’m always guided here by my interest in the moment so to me, this kind of learning is a form of entertainment and relaxation. Can be good to have after many hours of focus.

Then we have my own observations which are everything from ideas to reflections. I do not brainstorm, or try to generate ideas because I do not need to. Because I do these long meditation sessions 2 hours a day, I get the opportunity to get some perspective of what I am doing and then brilliant…



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