Is Evernote the Best Note-Taking App? (Honest Review)

Oscar Lagrosen
3 min readDec 3, 2022
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Evernote has been around for 14 years, making it the oldest proper notetaking app. Still, it has a lot of dedicated fans and users

I’ve been using Evernote for a couple of weeks now and think it is very good. It has 5 benefits but also 1 drawback. In the end, we’ll see if Evernote is still king of notetaking apps

Benefit 1: Capture anything

Evernote strives to be the ultimate library for everything you own. You can create notes on the fly, record your own voice, upload pdfs, send emails using its special email address, save websites very easily using its web clipper, or on your phone too.

So there are many ways to get everything you do into Evernote, which is its core strength.

Benefit 2: Powerful search and retrieval

When it comes to searching, Evernote is the best app I’ve ever found for this. You can type any keyboard and Evernote will immediately show up the notes related to them. If you are using premium, you can even search within PDFs which is very useful if you have a lot of these in your own research.

Other than that, you can favorite notes you look after again and again. You can create folders and the recently viewed notes show up at the top. And while it does not have the linking capabilities like for instance Roam research, obsidian, Mem, or even Notion, you can still copy each page link and add it to another page just fine.

Benefit 3: Excellent Formatting

Evernote has superb formatting options. Bolding, italics, underlining, highlight, headings, everything. You can even text in multiple colors.

Its syncing also allows you to work offline, perfect when traveling.

Benefit 4: Sketches

This is something I’ve never seen in other note-taking apps but this ability to draw whatever you want is very cool.

Many people prefer to draw ideas, mind maps, or other visual elements over just typing or creating bullet points. So if you are a person who has a drawing pad wherever you go, Evernote would be amazing for you.

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