How To Totally Live — Deep Dive

Oscar Lagrosen
9 min readAug 7, 2022

For the last three years, I have been very interested in productivity and how to get a lot of things done.

Back then, I was walking and playing Pokemon Go 6 hours a day at a very hardcore level while studying for my bachelor’s degree full-time and working two part-time jobs: transcriber and student ambassador.

This was all possible thanks to my interest in productivity. I was an avid user of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology and Cal Newport’s time-blocking method. Both of them helped me get organized, stay focused, get good grades at school, gain good appreciation at work, and ultimately achieve my biggest dream at the time: first in Sweden and 17th in the world to reach 1 billion XP in Pokemon Go.

I was never burnt out during that time, thanks to my regular Transcendental meditation practice, which I have learned since childhood. I knew back then how important rest, good food, and nutrition were. Thus I was always prioritizing well-being right now, knowing that it would lead to well-being in the future.

Fast forward to June 2021, I quit Pokemon Go due to diminished interest, together with my two part-time jobs. I graduated from university and fell into a void of confusion, change, and uncertainty. In other words, I did not exactly know what to do with my life.

It was then that I asked myself:

“What is the absolute best way to live, both now and in the future?”

From then, I read and listened voraciously 5–6 hours a day. This question led me into entrepreneurship, setting up a blog and writing a new post every day back in late November. To this day, I have written 264 articles exploring this question deeper and deeper.

I also received a job offer in Poland, a country I had never been to before. The experience of moving in, navigating a different culture where English was rarely spoken, and receiving constant shattering of well-thought-out plans refined my writing philosophy dramatically, introducing a level of integration and adaptability I have never seen before in the productivity world.

From this spring, I believe I have found the answer to the question. It will certainly be refined for the next years and decades. For now, all of the best-selling…

Oscar Lagrosen

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