How To Increase Your Self-Awareness

Oscar Lagrosen
2 min readSep 7, 2022

Self-awareness is the most important trait you have.

It reflects the ability to assess your current state, behaviors, surroundings, and how to move from there. Like a stronger GPS signal, the more you know where you are, the better you will see the next path right in front of you. Your success in life comes largely from self-awareness and taking action.

So how do you increase this trait?

Aside from meditation, writing things down, and getting honest feedback, there is one underlying mechanism:

The more you accept this moment, the greater self-awareness you will get

I recently discovered that awareness is synonymous with attention and acceptance. You have to accept something to give it your fullest attention.

The more you honor this moment above all mind projections (past, future, etc.), the more aware you will become of it.

But, and this is key, whenever you find yourself immersed in thought, lost self-control or any other “bad” behavior, accept it to the fullest. If you have both your phone and a donut in hand, fully enjoy the scrolling and sugar. No matter where you are, you need to accept this second as is.

Because when you do it, the inner conflict ceases. You are then free to do the best action automatically.

So don’t worry about self-awareness. Just look around, listen and feel your body sensations. Appreciate them as you have looked forward to it all along, and nothing else in the world exists.

Do this for every situation you encounter, and you will have no problem with self-awareness.

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