Effortless Republishing: A Step-By-Step Guide For Leveraged Digital Writers

  • A digital writer who wants to level up your reach but is afraid of overwhelm and burnout if you “spread yourself too thin”
  • A Ship 30 For 30-participant who wants to branch out from Twitter, but is insecure about how to do it properly.
  • A traditional writer/author who wants to be known in the digital world, but is unsure on how to go about it the best way possible.
  • An aspiring writer who is unsure of where to start and how to be seen
  • Why you should be on multiple platforms to gain unlimited upside
  • A new mindset of focusing on a few platforms while copy-pasting to the rest
  • How to use Typeshare to effortlessly publish to Twitter, Medium, and Linkedin while reusing the material to Quora and Facebook
  • Why and how you can use Revue as your ultimate newsletter
  • How to repurpose your own articles to TikTok and Instagram.
  • How to effortlessly maintain your Youtube channel and podcast, using Zoom to record and Anchor as the main distributor
  • How to overcome your fear of recording with simple and practical steps



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Oscar Lagrosen

Oscar Lagrosen


Amazonian, 3x author, YouTuber, and productivity nerd. New essay twice a week with productivity tips for us young & ambitious career-starters