Comparing the 6 Best Note-Taking Apps Side by Side

Oscar Lagrosen
5 min readJan 6

So up until now, I’ve written articles about the most popular notetaking apps, like Mem, Roam, Notion, Obsidian, Evernote, and Apple Notes.

But in this article, we’ll cover all of them side by side, in order to see which one is the best for effortless note taking.

Ease of creating new notes

In order for any notetaking app to be sustainable, you want to create new notes and edit them as easy and fast as possible.

On the computer, Mem is the easiest since you can literally start to type and a new note will be created. On the other apps, you have to click a button to get the same effect.

On Mem, Notion, Roam and Obsidian you can also create new notes while you write. Type either + on Mem, at-sign on Notion, and two square brackets on Roam and Obsidian. This is very good if you come up with ideas on the fly and want to access them later.

On the phone, it’s a different story. Apple Notes is by far the easiest one to create since you can access it on the control center for iPhones. You don’t even have to leave the app you are currently in but just create on the fly. Other than that, I would say that Roam is best one on mobile since there is a dedicated quick capture, followed by Notion, Obsidian, Evernote and lastly Mem since it’s still in beta and not as reliable as desired. So other than Mem, all of these work just fine.

Save things on the web

In terms of saving information on the web, nothing compares to Mem spotlight since you can literally with one keystroke save it to either an existing note or a new note. Otherwise, Notion and Evernote have their very advanced web clippers who saves the note for you and Evernote even has their own web browser for some reason. For the other ones, it’s copy and paste.

On the phone, you can save links to all the other apps except for Mem again.


All of the apps can be accessed on computer, but there is no web version for Obsidian. So if you have a computer at work or borrowing someone else’s computer, it’s a little bit harder.

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