All About Email and IM — Conversations with Dr. Stenemo Ep. 2

Key Takeaways

  • “Email is a bad way of writing messages (…) taking the worst part of writing letters by hand and combines it with the worst way of communicating by short text messages”
  • “You end up writing a short introduction and a short signoff with the message in between. It could have been finished in half the time if you have seen the person in person”
  • When you can call, instead of email, it is the better option
  • Follow Inbox Zero and Only Handle It Once
  • Try to optimize for informality and speed. Thus, you become more effective, clear and fast.
  • Try to dictate your emails for faster workflow
  • “When you receive more than 300 emails a day, I think you must have a more formal system (assistant etc).”
  • “I think we will use email less in the future because of better alternatives.” We do not have chainmails anymore for example. Social platforms are more effective for reaching out to new people
  • Important to always know the purpose of your emailing
  • Instant Messenger are the most efficient way of asynchronous conversation since you can just dive into the message without introduction and preamble.
  • Slack is good for bridging the forum part with Instant Messenger. However, it requires an initial setup.
  • If you feel like the conversation on IM is no longer serving you, you should be comfortable leaving it.



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Oscar Lagrosen

Oscar Lagrosen


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